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Showtec offers a complete interior design and build service for nightclubs, bars, restaurants and many other venues. If you are looking for someone to simply assist with your club design or need a company to completely renovate or build a venue, we can tailor a solution specifically to your needs.

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The design and build section of Showtec is headed up by the Managing Director and Showtec founder, Paul Craig.

"I have always enjoyed designing and creating my own venues, so this was a natural progression" says Paul, who has ownedand run nine venues over the years. "I truly have a passion for creating or refurbishing venues, and the fact I have been on the other side - as an owner - means I really understand the bigger picture and can help and advise at all levels."

Showtec is now a 'one stop shop for all'. This reduces the cost of a total project, as clients avoid having lots of different contractors, architects and designers that can all add their budget. Showtec also understands that often, people like to get involved and maybe use some of their own contractors and contacts.

Again, this is not a problem as Showtec can do as much or a little as their client requires. Showtec's team of builders, carpenters, electricians, and artists, supported by the design team, a whole venue can be built, managed and maintained by this one company.

This proves to be a cost effective and efficient way of achieving a stunning result - on budget, and on time.

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