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LED Panels & LED Video Walls

Showtec Lighting and Sound offer a wide range of LED systems including panels, tiles and video walls.

Below is an overview of some of the systems available.

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LED Pixel Wall

The LED pixel wall is a versatile feature which can create a massive impact to a venue. Based around using strings of LEDs, the Pixel Wall can be tailored to meet most requirements. By spacing the LEDs at different intervals, we can adjust the resolution, and the cost of the overall system. Smaller spacing gives better quality graphics and images, but at a higher cost. By using strings of LEDs, the system can be used on curved walls, and go around various awkward shapes and angles.
Also see an example of our LED Pixel Wall with A Mirrored finish here

LED Tiles & Panels

These LED panels offer a wide range of options for covering walls and surfaces in small or large areas. The panels are generally available in 500mm x 500mm square tiles and come in various options with different numbers of LEDs. Some panels offer a single block colour as a more cost effective option, with other panels offering a number of internal LEDs such as in the video to the left. These panels have the same capabilities as the Pixel Wall above, being able to show graphics and text, but are limited to their set sizes and resolutions.

LED Video Panel LED Video Panel LED Video Panel LED Video Panel

LED Mirrored Panels

LED panels and tiles look great, but when they are not switched on they still look like LED panels. Enter the mirrored panel! Offering the same level of control and flexibility, the mirrored panel adds a unique light reflecting surface which has the appearance of a normal mirror when the panel is not active. When turned on, the LEDs shine through giving a bright, unexpected light source.

LED Mirror Video Panel LED Mirror Video Panel LED Mirror Video Panel LED Mirror Video Panel

LED Video Panels

Big screen visuals and graphics! The LED video panels come in a wide range of styles and sizes to fulfill all requirements. The main difference between products is the resolution, which is how far apart the LEDs are spaced, and this is referred to as the'pixel pitch'. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more LEDs there are, and therefore the better quality graphics.

Panels vary is size from around 50cm square up to a metre square. The most cost effective panel we offer has a pixel pitch of 40mm and works out at approx £995 per sqaure metre for the panels. These are the panels shown in the two videos to the left. We offer panels with a pixel pitch all the way down to 5mm, offering incredibly high quality graphics, but this does come at a cost! Genreally we can choose a system that will give you good quality images while fitting in with your budget.

All of the LED video panels can produce some stunning graphics, with the higher resolution ones being capable of showing video images. Aswell as being a great wall mounted effect; the video panels can be fitted to any area including ceilings, floors and outdoors! With liquid and weather resistant panels we can provide stunning dancefloors and outside screens to brighten up your smoking area!

Depending on the size of area you have to cover, we can specify a video wall, floor or ceiling that fits with most budgets, giving you the highest quality and resolution.

LED Video Panel LED Video Panel LED Video Panel LED Video Panel

LED Strips

LED Strips and Batons come in many different shapes and sizes. By using curved strips we can create new and visaually stunning effects whcih stand out from the normal LEDs.

With an almost endless number of options, we can design a system unique to your venue to make you stand out from the crowd and to offer your customers a new and exciting experience.

LED Chandeliers

LEDs are perfect for retro-fitting into normal situations, or designing into objects for great effect.

Here we custom built a 1.6m diameter chandelier fitted with 48 LEDs and 48 bottles of vodka for a venue in Guildford. The chandelier provides a great centrepiece over the dancefloor area, and a great talking point for the customers.

LED Staircases

Who says a staircase has to be just functional?

We can install LEDs to almost any staircase which not only gives practical lighting, but also adds a special touch to a normally boring area. The LEDs can run in time with the music or run preset patterns, enhancing the look and feel of the venue.